About thehealthbridges
The Health Bridges. We can help!

Hello! We are Bridge the World Connection, a health-oriented social media platform, and company. Our inclusive online space provides a welcoming atmosphere where people feel free to share their health experiences and ideas. Our goal is to unite the world through social media and quality healthcare, which is why thehealthbridges.com currently exists. As such, we also seek to facilitate meaningful, positive connections all around the world through the internet.


On both local and international levels, Bridge the World Connection has been forging connections and filling gaps since its inception in 2021. We continually devote time and energy toward pursuing research, literature, education, and media that relate to health. We also embrace diversity, especially in terms of the many personal aspects and definitions of health. Thus, we encourage our users thehealthbridges.com to give us feedback whenever they feel it’s useful or necessary. Please email us at info@thehealthbridges.com if you have any questions or feedback.


Every day is a new opportunity to make a connection. At Bridge the World Connection, we can help by connecting you with others through health.