Privacy Policy

This policy provides a description of the information we process for the purpose of supporting Bridge the World Connection along with the services and products we feature. You’ll find more information and tools in your Settings section.


What Types of Information Are We Collecting?


For Bridge the World Connection to provide you with products and services, we must process certain kinds of information from our users, which includes you. Learn how to access and delete the information that we’ve collected, or you’ve posted by visiting the My Information section.


Things Our Users (Including You) Do and Provide On Bridge the World Connection


  • Users like you provide the information and content on, the social media platform associated with Bridge the World Connection. We collect the information and content you provide through your interactions and postings on, including when you use our products and services. This also includes when you sign up for an account, create and/or share content, or communicate with others via messages, comments, and other interactions on our platform. This can include information found in/about the content you’ve provided, such as metadata, a photo’s file location, and a file’s creation date. It can also include what you’ve seen through the products, services, and other features on, such as with your camera, so we can recommend filters, masks, and similar features/products/services to you, or provide you with tips on camera formats. Bridge the World Connection’s systems automatically process all content, interactions, and communications that you and other users provide to analyze their individual context(s) and what’s in them for the reasons described below. Learn more about how to control who’s capable of seeing the things you post and share by visiting and adjusting your Privacy Settings.
    • Data with special protections: You have the choice to provide information in your profile fields through your Profile Settings and such on This includes information about your religious or spiritual views, political opinions, the people you’re “interested in” (whose profile you’re checking out), or your health. All of this information and more (such as racial or ethnic origin, philosophical stances, or trade union membership) could be subject to special protections in accordance with the laws that currently exist in your country.
  • Connections and networks. Bridge the World Connection collects information about people, accounts, Pages, hashtags, and groups you connect to/engage with and how you interact with them across our products, services, and features. Some examples include collecting information about the users you communicate with the most or groups you’re a member of. We also collect information in case you decide to upload, sync, or import it from a device (such as a call log, address book, or SMS history log), which we use for helping users like you find people you may know or desire to interact with and additional purposes listed below.
  • Your usage. Bridge the World Connection collects information about how you use our products, services, and features, such as the kinds of content you post or interact with; your usage of our features; any actions you take; the specific accounts, people, and groups you interact with; as well as the time, frequency, and length of time your activities continued. For instance, we log when you’re using or have last used any of the products, services, and features on We also log what posts, videos, and other types of products you view through our products, services, and features. We also collect information regarding the specifics of your usage of our products, such as those that involve a camera.
  • Information about the transactions you make through our products, services, and features. If you use any of our products or features for purchases or other financial transactions (such as when you purchase advertisements, items in a game, or make a donation), we collect information about your purchase/transaction. This includes your payment information, such as your credit card or debit card information; account and authentication information; and all relevant billing, shipping, and contact details you’ve provided to us.
  • Things others do and the information they provide about you. We receive, assess, and analyze content, communications, interactions, and information that other people provide when using our products, services, and features. This can include information that relates to you, such as when others comment on or share a photo of you, send you a message, or upload, sync, and/or import your contact information.


Device Information


As per the details provided below, we collect information from/about computers, phones, connected televisions (TV), and other internet-connected devices you use that you’ve integrated with our products. We combine and compile the information across the different devices you use to access For instance, we use information about your product usage on your phone for the purpose of personalizing your content further. In turn, this affects the ads and features you see when you use our products, services, and features on another device, such as your tablet or laptop, to measure/determine whether you’ve taken a specific action in response to an advertisement we displayed to you on your phone or a different device.


The information we obtain from your devices includes:


  • Device attributes: Information that pertains to the operating system, software and hardware versions, signal strength, battery level, storage space availability, specific browser type, file and app names/types, and plugins.
  • Device operations: information about behaviors and operations performed on a device, such as whether a window is backgrounded or foregrounded or mouse movements. (Mouse movements help us distinguish human beings from bots.)
  • Identifiers: distinct identifiers, device IDs, and other identifiers, such as those used in apps, games, or accounts you use, and any other identifiers that are unique or related your activity on Bridge the World Connection’s platform.